Datalight specialises in the management and support of fibre and wireless networks. In addition to support of existing network infrastructure, Datalight will work with you to enhance the reach, performance, fault tolerance, and scalability of your network thereby increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and profits.

IP Network Design & Consulting

Design and Consulting includes the following services:

o Telecommunication Investment Strategic Analysis;

o Business Case preparation and financial modelling;

o Operational and Systems level design; and

o Technical view and detailed technical design;

IP Infrastructure Provision & Support

Provision and Support includes the following services:

o Project Management;

o Programme Management; and

o Telecommunications support at whatever organisational level is required including Chief Information Officer, Chief Technical Officer to service technician level expertise;

IP Network Management & Operations

Management and operations includes the following services:

o Management of regional Layer 2 access and transmission networks (fibre and wireless);

o Long term leasing of Dark Fibre pairs to approved customers under Indefeasible Rights of Use (IRU) contract basis;

o Wholesale provision of Ethernet Line Access Services;

o Wholesale provision of Ethernet Line Backhaul Services;

o Wholesale provision of Ethernet Multicast Services; and

o 24x7 Network Operations.

If you have invested in a fibre or wireless network, or would like to play a role in local access network ownership and revenue sharing to accelerate local outcomes, but do not have the expertise to technically manage that investment we would like to discuss your needs.