IP Network Design & Consulting

Including: Telecommunication Investment Strategic Analysis, Business Case preparation and financial modelling, Operational and Systems level design...


IP Infrastructure Provision &

Including: Project Management, Programme Management, Telecommunications support from Chief Information Officer to Service Technician expertise...


IP Network Management & Operations

Including: Management of regional layer 2 networks (fibre and wireless), wholesale Line Access, Backhaul and Multicast Services...


Datalight designs, provides, manages and operates Layer 2 fibre optic and wireless networks throughout New Zealand to provide unmatched broadband speeds and capability for businesses, communities and homes.

Datalight's centralised operations are run from its Headquarters in Wellington, and its management controls and Points of Presences (POPs) currently extend to Whangarei in the north to Christchurch in the south.

Our Vision

The lack of broadband capacity and high cost of services provided within New Zealand slows national growth and hinders innovation, productivity, and opportunities.

Datalight is changing the telecommunications paradigm by establishing networks that are inclusive to all providers. Datalight's open access wholesale fibre and wireless regional backhaul and access networks offer ultra-high speed and high speed symmetric connectivity to all providers.

More than just network neutrality, Datalight views open access as an avenue to show case the opportunities and benefits of a fully integrated fibre optic and wireless network infrastructure to reach all of New Zealand; encouraging the highest level of service and competition. Community and remote rural benefits and use of broadband will increase exponentially when the barriers to entry for all service providers are removed.

Datalight Operations

Datalight has pioneered the establishment of the first two telecommunication related Limited Partnerships in New Zealand under the 2008 Partnership Act, namely the Taitokerau Networks Limited Partnership (TNLP) and the Torotoro Waea Limited Partnership (TWLP). As General Partner for both Limited Partnerships, Datalight is responsible for designing, delivering, managing and operating TNLP's Regional Taitokerau Fibre Transmission Network and Layer 2 high speed wireless transmission infrastructure, and is responsible for the management and operations of Smartlinx3 - the Hutt Valley and Porirua regional open access fibre and wireless network which TWLP took majority control of mid 2011.

TNLP and TWLP are unique in New Zealand in that both partnerships have been established to balance social outcome for regions with return on investment. DataLight's social outcome focus for rural New Zealand strongly aligns with its Iwi partners in both TNLP and TWLP.

Datalight has also pioneered a unique regional access network ownership and revenue sharing model for accelerating the benefits to rural communities. The model is being used on the Kapiti Coast which forms a blueprint for roll-out around many rural communities as the Layer 2 networks that Datalight manages expands across the country. Additionally, Datalight has implemented a Fibre From the Farm (FFTH) solution which successfully delivers cost effective Ultra-Fast Broadband to a number of farms in the Wairarapa and northern most South Island regions.

DataLight has been selected as the manager and operator of Bluefin Network's national level open access optical inter-city long haul wavelength service which is programmed to expand across New Zealand over the 2011-2012 timeframe in conjunction with the initial commissioning of Government and Industry Ultra-Fast and Rural Broadband Initiatives.

Datalight has engaged with Netcentric Ltd, a consulting and ICT support services company specialising in designing, organising, planning, improving and supporting sophisticated information technology and secure telecommunication ventures for government and private sector customers across the Pacific region, to collaboration through the business case stage with a view to leveraging specific telecommunications expertise and analysis for its larger more complex activities.

Datalight has also engaged with Axin NZ Ltd, a company established to provide programme support, project management, design and funding for large scale telecommunication ventures within New Zealand. An example of this TNLP's 200km Phase 1 network which has engaged Axin for the provision of program and funding support.

Both Netcentric and Axin NZ play active roles in a number of Datalight's Layer 2 telecommunication initiatives across New Zealand.